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Thakurani Jatra festival

  • It is one of the biggest festivals of southern Odisha
  • Thakurani Jatra festival – famous biennial festival celebrated in Odisha’s Berhampur.
  • It includes hoisting of the holy mast or ‘shubha khunti’.
  •  Goddess Budhi Thakurani – traditional deity of silk handloom weavers or the Dera community of Berhampur.
  • Idol of goddess is taken out in procession to different streets to facilitate residents worship her at their own doorsteps.
  • The period of outing of goddess is accompanied by joyous carnival spirit.
  • As homage to the goddess, people of all ages, including children and the elderly, transform themselves into various characters from Indian mythology through body painting.
  • The number of devotees in the garb of mythological characters increase towards the last days of the festival. Hundreds of them come out in processions with different themes making the city colourful.
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